The history of Mitchell's dates back to the 1940's. James Mitchell purchased the property for the Mitchell family returning home from World War II.  The original building was located by what is now the Dunlop Tire Factory. The building was moved to the current location, operated as a Deli before transforming into a Tavern.

In the early 1970's, my Great Uncle Peter purchased the Tavern from the Mitchell Family.  Peter owned the Tavern up to the late 1980's when my parents purchased the Tavern from him.


Daphne & Nick Christou

For over forty-five years and as the third generation, my family has served WNY with the best we have to offer.  While glancing through the bar area, it's easy to become lost among the sports memorabilia, selection of beer and spirits! Mitchell's has gained a reputation for quality products, a friendly environment and family-like customer service.

Nick has been managing Mitchell's for over 20 years.  He loves the tradition and recipes his parents have passed down to him and loves building and improving upon it. His true love is soccer which he played professionally for a period of time but gave it up to come back home to help out his parents.  Nick runs Mitchell's with the help of his wife, Marlene.  They have 2 beautiful girls together, Sofia and Alena. When Nick is not working, he is spending time with his family, golfing and sharing his love of soccer with his girls.